Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't go chasing waterfalls?

Now I'm not a fan of TLC's hits from the mid/late 90's, but I am a fan of a wide array of music, spanning over the last 40 years or so. I've seen and heard it all. I have seen multiple genre's grow, and subsequently, die out almost over night.

What makes these "genres" unique enough to flourish? Why do they fail as well? What really determines "success" in a music industry that is constantly evolving?

I don't run a record studio, I'm not a producer, and I'm not secretly some big name artist, thats playing on your radio right now.

I do however, feel more than well-rounded enough to voice a solid opinion on these questions, and other topics in relation, while giving you all something at least slightly entertaining to read.

and that's the thing about opinions; they're yours.

I don't like or listen to ALOT of bands/artists, and I have no problem voicing my opinion on why they suck, why the failed, etc. I will do so in a way that is both plausible, as well as entertaining for readers.

This is just a run down of what to expect, I'll continue later tonight. Thanks all!


  1. TLC sucks, lol. Good post though

  2. Hmm. I like a fair bit of music but the only genre I can really comment on is metal. I believe it's still going strong today because it's such a broad genre. For example, you have thrash metal which is basically playing as fast as possible, then you have stuff like symphonic metal which brings an element of beauty to the music. Folk metal is just great dancing music, neoclassical displays a large degree of musical skill, etc. Basically, metal is awesome.